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Jaeden Alverson is a vocalist and rhythm guitar player from Fargo, ND. He started writing music in his early childhood and began his solo music career in early high-school, playing small shows at coffee shops and eventually playing at larger venues such as The Fargo
Theatre and The Hub (now Avalon Events Center). He took vocal lessons from his mother starting at a young age, and picked up the guitar as a way to accompany himself and begin the writing/composing process. He now plays a modified Fender Telecaster and an Ibanez JTK-1 Jet King guitar.

When he's not writing or performing for Walking Phoenix, Jaeden is an avid soccer fan, and loves to spend time with his family and dogs. He is married to his lovely wife Camille Alverson, a local artist from the Fargo/Moorhead area, and is a proud daddy to Roman Bjørn Kol.

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