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Tor Kjartansson is a multi-instrumental musician from Moorhead, Minnesota and has learned thirteen instruments so far with an emphasis on bass, violin, mandolin, and tuba. He is currently studying at Concordia College in Moorhead for Bass Performance. At 22 years old, Tor's life revolves around music in all aspects: performing, composing, teaching, and learning. Tor has been a self taught bassist for over nine years but he has started taking lessons at Concordia with Doug Neill to continue improving his craft


Tor was inspired to take up bass guitar by his uncle Bruce, the bassist for Fargo’s “Mike and the Monsters,” and by his father, Brian, a multi-instrumentalist in a number of Fargo based bands in the 80s. Tor’s most prized guitar is a 1978 Music Man Stingray that was his father’s first bass. This instrument was passed on to Bruce, and can be seen in Prairie Public’s spotlight performance of Mike and the Monsters from 1989. The lineage of that particular bass is what makes it one of his favorite instruments to play.

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